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You have uncovered the Tanglewood Secret

But what IS it, you ask?

Many moons ago a horrible accident occurded.
Not horrible in terms of damage or any real consequence. 
But embarrassing. Horribly embarrassing.


You read about the fateful day on page 106:

"He gave one shrill scream that shattered the silence of the summer woods, and haunted me in the night for many weeks to come,
Then we heard his body crashing through the leaves and twigs, which partly broke his fall; then came a sickening thud--- and then silence."



The "me" referred to above is indeed, ME! 
I was just a little girl. I am Martha "Unknown" Tanglewood, and this is the secret. 

One Mr. S. Claus crashed through the roof one summer evening at the Tanglewood residence.  I heard Mr Claus scream, and I stood horrified and stunned as I saw him on our parlour room floor, covered in twigs from our Christmas tree. Mr Clause had landed, if you'll pardon my language, arse first on the top of the Christmas tree, and oh, was it an awful sight. The angel atop was nowhere to be found, and I dared not search for it. Mr Claus had split his pants in this most unsightly show, and didn't pack a spare pair for the evening. It was horribly embarrassing for him and he pleaded with me that I were never to tell anyone. Since that day, I have not told a soul. But now the secret lies with you...

Do with it as you will, and if you want to tell everyone, go for it, he gave me shitty presents that year anyway.

The Tanglewood Secret is yours.




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