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*Pre-Orders placed before January 29th will be sent out at the end of January 2024!*


THESE WOMEN | Debut Album 2024 | 


***Please note, this contains the album gatefold, lyric booklet, and download card/bookmark, not a disc!***


Printed on beautiful matt cardstock, with a bookmark containing a download code for a unique digital download on Bandcamp, and 14-page booklet of all-original artwork by Carly to carry you along with the stories and songs. 




Naarm (Melbourne) based duo, Morrigan & Wilding present their debut enchantment, "These Women." With harp, violin, guitars, and ethereal vocal harmonies, Kylie Morrigan & Carly Wilding conjure a unique fusion of folk, Celtic, and gothic influences through thirteen all-original songs. 

Drawing inspiration from the strength of women in history and personal narratives, and set against the backdrop of nature's wonders – forests, oceans, deserts, and the sanctuary of home – These Women is at once evocative, spellbinding, and playfully human.


Track List

1. Only I Know

2. These Women

3. Cana Cludhmor

4. Lachrymose

5. Legend

6. Picnic Rug

7. Yield

8. Scheele's Green

9. Three Steps

10. Bloodlines

11. Older Than I Am

12. Fine Line

13. Remember


(c) Morrigan & Wilding, 2024

THESE WOMEN | Physical Album with Download Card (Bookmark)

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