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"Bumbles and Moz is at once heart-warming, funny, challenging, melancholy and moving…a delightful and charming tale of female friendship and finding your own inner Celtic goddess.

With original music from the duo that plays with lilting folk-like subtlety and stunning harmonies that blend effortlessly, the music underscores the very real and very personal drama on stage."

-Heather Bloom

Australian Stage


Moz was fired from the Royal Orchestra, and Bumbles is alone with her guitar. When Mother Nature shakes these next-door-loners from their cocoons, magic happens.


This beautiful and empowering story is woven through with fresh sketch comedy, a moving original live score by Carly Wilding (Twelfth Night, Voyage) and Kylie Morrigan (Orchestra Victoria, violinist for Stevie Wonder & Shirley Bassey), and some truths about friendship that will make you want to open your arms, ears, and hearts to those around you. Oh, and there's also an Almighty Sausage...Don't worry about it...


Gather your besties and settle in for a night celebrating friendship and finding your inner god/dess!



Written by Carly Wilding 

Starring, story & score: Carly Wilding and Kylie Morrigan 

Dramaturgy by Ruby Rees 

Extra sound design by Mal Webb and Will Hook

R E A D  O U R  I N T E R V I E W  W I T H

A U S T R A L I A N  S T A G E

F R O M  T H E  P I C N I C  R U G . . .

Bumbles & Moz, and much of the music in it, was dreamed up on this very picnic rug on St Kilda beach. So, we went back there to do a quick rehearsal, and to sing Picnic Rug...Aptly titled...

Camera: Mal Webb


P E R F O R M A N C E  T I M E S

Monday 22 November 2021 8:30pm


Tuesday 23 November 20218:30pm

Wednesday 24 November 20218:30pm

Thursday 25 November 20215:30pm & 8:30pm

Friday 26 November 20215:30pm & 8:30pm

Saturday 27 November 20215:30pm & 8:30pm

*Limited seating!*

b&m original_edited.jpg

Melbourne based violinist, Kylie Morrigan, began her music training early (age 3) as a classical violinist.  After graduating from the Victorian College of the Arts, she played in Orchestra Victoria and various freelance orchestras before retiring to raise and homeschool her 4 children.  Kylie has since returned to the world of music performance enjoying a range of playing styles including electro swing, folk and contemporary classical.  She currently performs and records amidst a healthy national and international touring schedule with the Formidable Vegetable Sound System, The Simon Kerr Perspective, artist Mal Webb, electronic artist ‘Spoonbill’ and the Ad Hoc Music Collective. Recently, Kylie completed a tour of Victoria playing the fiddle in folk musical Voyage, with a successful season at fortyfivedownstairs.


Carly Wilding is an Actor, Singer/Musician and Writer based in St Kilda. Carly's recent theatre credits include The Good Girl in Voyage - a New Australian Musical, Olivia in Twelfth Night, Head Chief Rabbit/Musical Director in Wind in the Willows, Duchess in Alice in Wonderland (Australian Shakespeare Company), Benvolio in Romeo and Juliet, Miranda in The Tempest (Melbourne Shakespeare Company.) In lockdown, Carly has created Carly's Catharsis - a series of comic meditations, which have gone viral on sites such as LadBible. She is currently at home learning to play the harp, (yes, really) and preparing to direct two productions for Bloomsday in Melbourne in 2022. 

Photo on 26-9-21 at 2_edited.jpg

A  B I T  m o r e  a b o u t  u s

& w h e r e  I t  a l l  s t a r t e d...

During lockdown Kylie and I would often go on long walks along the St Kilda Esplanade - (we live less than 1km away from one another - huzzah!) 

Those walks saw us forming a beautiful friendship, all the way through to brewing up the idea of playing and singing together as a duo - Morrigan & Wilding. (Or Morrigan Wilding. We haven't decided yet - but if one or the other sounds better to you please email me and tell me!)

From all of these hours talking, dreaming, sharing lyrics, but mostly talking about what we would wear on stage and what kind of lighting we would need - VERY IMPORTANT, THANK YOU VERY MUCH!- we found stories, songs, and weird Aquarius/soul sister idiosyncrasies that were too good not to share. This inspired the idea not just to form a musical duo, but to do a show together too. Kylie has a wealth of experience on stage as a musician/singer (she played with Stevie FRIGGIN Wonder guys. I. Know!) but this is her first time on stage (smashing it) as an actor. This process has been a beautiful one, sharing my theatre experience, and Kylie's musical genius. 


We started with a series of workshops with Ruby Rees on Zoom, and found a very loose skeleton of a show, but one day Kylie said "Hey, random idea...What if the show is about us creating a band?" I thought on it for a couple of days, and then created what I can only describe as a serial killer wall (writers, you know what I'm talking about...) and wrote the first draft of the show over a sleepless three days. It has apologetic firemen, Celtic songstresses, German sausage massage and an earthquake that brought two loners together in a way that changes their lives for good. #MelbourneWeWillRebuild.

Since then, to navigate the ever changing Covid landscape, we've rehearsed in multi-storey carparks, on back decks of closed cafes, and in abandoned Covid testing tents...Yes, really...

We are thrilled to share this work with you, both now in the theatre, and soon, hopefully, at Folk Festivals in another new and exciting format... Stay tuned!


"M O R R I G A N  A N D  W I L D I N G

T H I S  I S  Y O U R  F I V E  M I N U T E  C A L L . . ."

L O C K D O W N  R E H E A R S A L  M A Y H E M

Here are some of the absolutely ridiculous places we've rehearsed in order to get this show on it's feet! Hey, don't say we don't suffer for our art!

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